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CORT understands that, for a family with children, choosing the right school is the cornerstone of a successful relocation. Preparation for other services such as Area Orientation and Home Finding will often hinge upon the selection of the right school. CORT Destination Services Consultants will prepare a list of suitable options based on the age, language skills, and interests of the child. As the assignee prepares to visit, the CORT Consultant will schedule school tours and accompany the assignee on those visits.

Once a school is chosen, the CORT Consultant can be a valuable advocate for the assignee, providing ongoing support through the application and admission process. Knowing that the children have a school that suits their interests and ambitions frees an assignee to focus on the next steps in a successful relocation.


"I really appreciated your assistance. I am enjoying my new house and my son is very happy in the school. I wish all the best for you and thanks again for your support to get my documentation and to have my life organized in the USA. Cheers!"

-Ludmila, Oil Services Company

School Search includes:

  • Provide comprehensive information on public and private schools in the new location
  • Compile information regarding test scores, programs, class size, and costs for each potential school
  • Aid in booking appointments for visits to targeted schools
  • Accompany your family to each school visited
  • If applicable, help coordinate testing and admissions applications for the school of choice

School Search

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