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CORT's Destination Services Consultants understand the value of applying "in their shoes" empathy when supporting an assignee through a relocation. In the end, our role is simple: we help assignees and their families navigate the stressful change inherent in moving for work. Our Consultants are each carefully selected for their local knowledge, their cultural savvy, and their dedication to getting things right for the assignee. Every CORT Consultant knows that they are empowered to make the decisions that will make a difference in an assignee's experience. We're not kidding when we say that every move is unique. Here are just a few examples.

Happy Birthday and a New Home Too

The assignee mentioned in passing to me that the date of his home finding tour was also his birthday. He was a long way from home and all alone, so I decided to put a bit of cheer into his day. The assignee and I had planned to meet in the hotel lobby to review the itinerary on the day of the tour. On the way to the hotel I stopped for a cake and some balloons. I got the hotel staff involved so when the assignee stepped off of the elevator there were about ten of us there to greet him. He was so surprised and happy! We all sang "Happy Birthday" to him; he made a wish, and blew out the candles. We shared the cake with the hotel staff and then we were on our way to a successful home finding tour.

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Here Comes the Bride

Destination Services

Not only was the assignee moving, she was also getting married. The move was only eight weeks away and the wedding, which had been decided on at the last minute, was just two weeks after that. She wanted to choose a dress while she was in town so she could have the final fitting right here in town just after the move. While we were reviewing the plans for the home finding tour in the hotel lobby, I could tell that this young lady was going to have a hard time concentrating on apartments. I got on the phone and made arrangements to move the property viewings to the afternoon. Then we jumped in my car and headed for a bridal shop I know. The assignee chose her dress that morning and her apartment that afternoon.

Home on the Range with a Short Commute

The assignee was moving to Philadelphia and he was bringing his two prize bulls. We actually called the client to make sure they weren't bull dogs. Sure enough, they were bulls! He didn't want to board his bulls, he wanted to rent a house that had pasture for grazing and he also wanted a minimal commute. We were used to finding properties for families with pets but this was a first. We were essentially looking for a small ranch in suburban Philly! Forget school ratings and school zone borders we were brushing up on agricultural zoning and regulations. It took some doing, but we found a few options. In the end, the assignee (and his bulls) were very happy!

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