Crossing Thresholds

Crossing Thresholds

First impressions of a destination city can influence an assignee's enthusiasm while preparing to move, and they can have a longer term impact on the expatriate experience for an assignee and his or her family. In anticipation of an assignee's arrival, CORT's Destination Services Consultants will learn about the family's interests and priorities as they prepare to move. The CORT Consultant then uses this information to plan an orientation tour that highlights how the destination is well suited to meet the assignee's needs and interests.

Each Area Orientation tour is unique to the assignee and their individual requirements. Areas of focus may include housing, neighborhoods, school options, recreational activities, commuting and public transport, shopping, entertainment and nightlife. Be it a single day service or a multi-day tour, our Area Orientation programs are designed to answer the important questions and to help the assignee and family to step across the threshold from uncertainty to familiarity, bringing them one step closer to feeling right at home.


"I just wanted to let you know I had my area orientation tour with Kimberly from CORT this past weekend. It was absolutely fantastic! Kimberly did a great job and she knows the city and surrounding area extremely well. I highly recommend her."

- Specialty Retail Manager, Philadelphia

Personalized Area Orientations Tours include:

  • An overview of local neighborhoods
  • Advice on housing options
  • School information
  • Locations of leisure & entertainment facilities
  • Familiarization with local medical & emergency services
  • Explanation of public transport options
  • Overview of historic & cultural places of interest
  • Locations of key local, state and federal offices
  • Local shopping and dining options
  • Personalized information based on family requests

Area Orientation

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